Newest Addition to the Pack–Bentley the Puggle

So the first thing you may be asking is… what E-X-A-C-T-L-Y is a Puggle?

2nd Cutest Puggle in the house

2nd Cutest Puggle in the house

The Puggle is a small mixed breed dog; the result of crossbreeding a pug and a beagle. Initially bred by a Wisconsin breeder named Wallace Havens, the first Puggle was born sometime in the 1990’s. He also coined the name “Puggle” and was the first to register the breed with the American Canine Hybrid Club.


The Puggliest Puggle!

The Puggle has a thickset or stocky body with short legs, a curled tail, deeply wrinkled forehead and short drooping ears. Their coat is a smooth, shiny, short-haired and fawn, tan, and/or black colored. Puggle’s can grow up to 15 inches tall; their weight will range from 13 to 30 pounds.



 A Puggle brings the better of two dog breeds to life. They enjoy family life, they are very intelligent and are quick learners. A Puggle is also gentle and playful. This breed does best with loads of attention and in a nurturing environment. Puggle’s are excellent companions and are gentle with children. Be aware the Puggle LOVES their humans; watch out behind and underfoot as they tend to follow their humans everywhere!

This hybrid is best suited for life indoors and can even adapt to apartment living. The Puggle should be walked every day for at least 15 minutes at a time. Feeding requirements include two small meals a day and plenty of water. Puggle’s are prone to obesity, so a diet featuring a high-quality premium dog food is recommended. (Dog Food Advisor).

...investigating the garden

…investigating the garden

A Puggle is misunderstood as being notoriously stubborn but they are actually more inquisitive and their intelligence requires a challenge. Training a Puggle should be balanced with some “thinking” games. They seem to want to know that what they are doing for their human is worth their time and efforts so appropriate rewards should be freely given. Rewards can be a low-cal snacks, a good scratch or even special or extra playtime.

Another misunderstanding humans have about the Puggle is their barking. Remember they are intelligent , friendly and alert therefore they also communicate. They communicate with the only known language of a canine – barking. A Puggle’s bark has very distinctive differences – from a typical “ya’all gotta come see this right now…” type of bark, a “roo-roo” bark as if asking for attention or inviting us to play and sometimes even an excited higher pitched “squark” (squeaky bark) as if to tell us “OMG! This is soooo much fun.”

They are very possessive, notice I did not say protective, and tend to bark to announce passerby’s, visitors to the home, or that it’s time to go outside, playtime, snack time or dinnertime but their friendliness prevents them from being good guard dogs. Consistent training and learning exercises are important to make sure that a Puggle does not turn into a noisy nuisance barker due to his boredom.

the Puggle was bred to have a longer muzzle than the pug

Of special concern is that while the Puggle was bred to have a longer muzzle than the pug, and though they do not have the same respiratory issues that Pugs do, some Puggle’s do have some breathing problems mostly limited to snoring or they may reverse-sneeze or wheeze after they have exerted themselves. Remember they can extremely energetic and playful; wanting to play more than is good for them, which can exacerbate their breathing problems.

Puggle’s are sensitive to climate changes; they can overheat quickly, and when the weather turns chilly they tend to get colder and faster than their humans. They can also be sensitive to humid climates, and taking them outdoors in extremely hot or cold weather can easily tire them out, cause illness or heat related exhaustion.

Bentley is Bored; NOTHING if off limits to the Puggle!

Bentley is Bored; NOTHING if off limits to the Puggle!

The simple fact is dogs are scavengers, but note the Puggle and remember its only part Pug and the other part is B-E-A-G-L-E so they tend be more “beagle-y” in its scavenger habits. In other words NOTHING if off limits to the Puggle! Thus, the need for a high quality kibble (we feed him Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free and alternate with Castor and Pollux Organix Grain-Free and Solid Gold Sun Dancer) mixed with 1 tsp. canned pumpkin (NOT pie filling) for fiber and low-cal snacks, which can include some fresh fruits and veggies. We’ve had some scares with our Puggle having eaten his rope toy, sticks, a toad, a pencil or two, a pillow, a small plastic coated paperclip (YIKES!).

Lastly the Puggle is also a power chewer. We have yet to find a toy, other than the Kong, that is indestructible to the Puggle. Their chewing habits coupled with their intelligence and playfulness seems to be the motivator to find out “what’s inside all those soft fuzzy, squeaky things the humans call toys?” So a word of caution – Puggle proof your home, watch your Puggle when he is playing with toys ensuring your companion does not create his own choking hazard in the name of playtime. Some Puggle alternatives we have had success with are: deer antlers (the denser the better but watch out for broken molars and that they don’t get too small to cause choking), ice cubes, with and without treats frozen inside, Smart Bones, Blue Bones, frozen banana pieces, carrots, green beans, apples (no skin and especially NO SEEDS!)

Enjoy your Puggle; have fun and stay safe!

UPDATE 2013 –

Well, as life would have it plans have changed but “life will find a way”!

While I’ve been in a “slump”, and as we all know “un-slumping” oneself is not easily done”, I’ve had to learn how to accommodate my different abilities.

Thus, the subtitle for the blog has changed to “confessions of a chik geek and gamer”.  I will begin to include some other non-PC related information.  Sneak previews of some topics include: Raised Bed, Square Foot and Container Gardening, some cool ideas for yard & gardening tools, Puggle & Doxle (dog) care, cameras & equipment, digital photography software applications just to name a few.

During my re-discovery phase I have decided to learn a new skill!  I spent my “slump time” learning Photoshop Elements 9, 10 and now 11 plus I’ve recently purchased my first DSLR – a Nikon D3000 and a FujiFilm S8200.

I’ve also purchased my 2nd pre-built machine ever! – a Lenovo Idea Centre K430 31092JU ( featuring the 3.4 GHz Core i7-3615QM. It came with 8GB DDR3, a 2 TB HDD and the Graphics Coprocessor is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 620. It also has HDMI (Out), a 9-in-1 Card Reader, and a Universal Storage Module (USM) interface dock.

But…  I’ve already upgraded the VGA to an Nvidia GTX 550Ti ( because it has CUDA Technology (code named “Fermi”), 1GB of GDDR5 and a mini HDMI port out, which required an upgraded PSU. The PSU is a Rosewill RG630-S12 ( And of course upgraded to Win 7 64-bit Pro as well as adding an additional 8GB of RAM and a BD reader.  The deal maker was that the price was almost $400.00 less at Fry’s than anywhere else making this machine, before upgrades, about $600.00 w/free shipping! The comparable product was $1600.00 had 24GB DDR3 but lacked a dedicated graphics card and only had a 400w PSU. Total cost including upgrades was about $1100.00.

The take away is this:

“Life will find a way.”

(- Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park)

32 Minutes in May; The Joplin Tornado

32 Minutes in May – The Joplin Tornado

32 Minutes in May: The Joplin Tornado by Joplin Globe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To all my friends in Joplin, some of whom I know personally and to those of you I have not met yet, may you continue to have the strength and courage to move forward.

This book is a compilation of all the news coverage this terrifying event had on the residents of Joplin. I like that it had a chapter about how this weather system created such destruction in the southwest corner of Missouri. I also pay kudos to the Joplin Globe for including each and every person who died on May 22, 2011.

It was also moving to be able to confirm certain details with my friends from Joplin as they are still challenged to find the words that describe what they’ve been through.

My positive thoughts are with you all as you recover and heal from nature’s fury unleashed. ~Blessings~

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